1. I Went Inside
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I Went Inside

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I Went Inside

I never said goodbye
I thought that it was just another gig, just another night
Closing down the venue
We shared the ride floating down I-5 to the porch light
Search for my keys, while you waited on me under a satellite

And then I went inside
I went inside

You never got a chance, couldn't afford it
Blue prints and unrendered plans, a heart unforaged
Tip of the ice berg ship sailed romance
Storm warning
It grew in the night and you held on tight as long as you could stand

Then you went inside
You went inside

I'm an unfinished letter post marked downtown
there are only ghosts there where I would ever be found
You're an ungranted wish the well drained to the ground
and I don't think you'll want me when we get back out.

I can sleep all day, ignore the sunrise.
Coffee at midnight, waste all my time away tracing the shadows.
There are faces on my phone, but I still feel alone
And just traces of me  and the one that you used to know

Before I went inside
I went inside

I never said goodbye