Kristin Chambers is a prolific singer-songwriter and recording artist who is among the Pacific Northwest's premier live performers. Often described as a “Chameleon” songstress, Kristin’s original creations shift seamlessly from genre to genre; bluesy ballads, folksy anthems, to spirited pop songs. Despite this somehow Kristin’s writing, and voice remain focused in a style that is uniquely her own - unpretentious, soulful, relatable, always hopeful, and instantly recognizable.
    Her most recent album Snow Globe won the Akademia Award for BEST HOLIDAY ALBUM-2015, describing it as a 'mesmeric collection of Christmas songs … the perfect gift for the holiday season”..” enchanting” and “exquisite.'
    Her first album, Kristin Chambers, released in 2010, established her as a real presence in the music world with over 100,000 downloads. This was followed in 2012 by her self-produced EP album Endless Road. In 2014, Kristin released her most ambitious, mature work yet, Everything Woman, where she  teamed up with some of Seattle's finest musicians including Jeff Fielder, Keith Lowe, Hans Teuber, Steve Moore, and Eric Eagle (also her producer).
    Recognizing unique business opportunities in today's rapidly changing music industry, Chambers founded Nubble Road Music and Publishing, LLC in 2013. Nubble Road Music  records, distributes, and promotes, all of Kristin's music. Recently, Nubble Road established several licensing partnerships with Fervor Records and Harry Warren Entertainment.
   Sing Now! - a vocal instruction guide created by Kristin based on proprietary singing techniques she developed - is the most popular album in its category on Amazon Music and a major commercial success for Nubble Road, LLC. 
    2015 was a rewarding year for Kristin and an enthusiastic, appreciative one for her fans - 2016 promises more original Kristin Chambers music releases and lively performances.
Kristin Chambers Contact: www.kristinchambers.com




(Snow Globe) is a 'mesmeric collection of Christmas songs … the perfect gift for the holiday season”..” enchanting” and “exquisite.' - Akademia Awards

"Listen to a track like “Before The Light Of Day” and how it starts, how it kicks in, and how it becomes smooth again; this kind of assembly and dynamics should be all the convincing that you need to know that Kristin understands the insides & outs of creating a big, big song."
"Kristin Chambers proves in every song that she possesses one of the most powerful voices in and around the Northwest. Her music lives right on the border where country meets pop without crossing that imaginary line, while using a more soulful delivery and maybe a touch less twang than the current crop of country stars."

Northwest Music Scene

"Kristin Chambers is a gifted vocalist."

Seattle Weekly