New Single!

My single The Cure is now streaming on all platforms! I have continued to write and record throughout my quarantine life, and this song is definitely for anyone that may need a hopeful point of view about the times we are living through. As we head into the holidays, with still so much uncertainty and division in our country and around the world, it saddens me that we are struggling to get out of our own way.  The Cure is a lovely call come together and reach across the aisle, or over the fences in our own backyards. 

Lately I feel so grateful for the simpler things.  A roof over my head, my pup, family, the ability to keep writing and making music. Thank you as always for your support!


From My Home to Yours

It's hard to believe that it's Fall. This is truly my favorite time of year, where I traditionally take stock and hunker in and recommit to writing and practicing. This year feels very different, in that so much of the Spring and Summer was spent tethered to the house.  With live music on hold, there has been more time to write and really slow down and look around. Recently I wrote a song for the Seattle Bushwick Bookclub inspired by the book How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell. The book inspired this song "Before We Went Inside" Hope you enjoy. Stay Healthy!

Seattle International Airport Feature

New Video and Single

If you are in the Seattle area and can take a moment outside (socially distanced of course), you should check out the hopeful  messaging and art local Seattle artists created to transform the closing of shops and restaurants in the Ballard Neighborhood, into  something more beautiful and hopeful. Kristin recently made this video to honor them and it turned out the be a lovely inspirational backdrop for her new single ''Coming Back (Not Strings)"  to be released on May 1, wherever you listen. Enjoy!


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