Her Story



Kristin Chambers is a songwriter and vocalist who composes and performs in multiple genres, from pop to jazz, while steadily building a catalogue of work for television and film. Her most recent credits include tracks on National Geographic, Hallmark, Lifetime, and the Young & the Restless, as well as selections of jazz compositions being released on a boutique label in Japan!

While Chambers’ music shifts through a varied palate of moods and tones, as a whole it paints a cohesive portrait of a songwriter who has become a master of her craft.  


“I always want people to feel hope when they listen to my music,” says Chambers. “I try to write from my authentic self, and I hope that comes through.”  Her songs glow with a authenticity that you can feel, and satisfy the listener in the way only truly honest art can. 

Currently Kristin is collaborating internationally writing songs, as well as self-producing her soon to be released EP Brighter Haze, and performing around the US.

On her most recent LP Kissing Ghosts, Kristin has refined the creative vision hinted at on the 2018 Unravel Me. While her signature graceful melodies are always enchanting, on Kissing Ghosts she spins them across shimmering synths and gauzy harmonies, working together bits of late 50’s Girl Group vocals, electronic drums, and distant guitars to craft a whole that is very much of the moment. 

Lyrically, Kissing Ghosts is a collection of stories that have allowed Chambers to put some of her ghosts to rest (or at least kiss them goodnight).  There is a definite theme of women’s empowerment on this album.


As a recording artist Chambers released the ambitious Everything Woman (2014) and it was followed by her award-winning 2015 release Snow Globe.

Originally her recording career began with the 2010 release of her self-titled debut LP, which was followed by Endless Road in 2012.