Seattle Acoustic Festival Feature

Deify Entertainment featured Kristin in their artist series leading up to The 5th Seattle Acoustic Festival!

Northwest Music Scene

"Kristin Chambers proves in every song that she possesses one of the most powerful voices in and around the northwest." Northwest Music Scene & Verity 100 Bands in 100 Days 2016

Rain City Collective Interview

Seattle's WARM 106.9 Appearance

"Everything Woman" Review

“A Thousand Skies” has an opening that reminds me of “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane, but different enough by far to be completely and thoroughly Kristin Chambers.... Kristin sounds similar to Kate Bush in this track, strings come in beautifully through the middle and until the end…this is just about the most beautiful ending to an album as you could ask for. If “A Thousand Skies” doesn’t convince you here at the end…there’s just no helping you." 


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The Seattle Weekly

The Seattle Weekly recommends  Kristin's single "Eyes That Say "I Love You" from The Beck Song Reader to be one to languish in this Summer…The Single is Part of her Oct. 4th full original album release "Everything Woman".

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Tom Lohrmann Interview

Tom Lohrmann took some time to ask some really great questions!

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Seattle Playback :: Seattle Public Library Music Streaming Service

Doug Zangar :: Guitarist, composer, engineering expert and educator

Rain City Collective :: Seattle Music and Photo Blog

Match Maker Music :: Music Library for Film/TV representing "Guarantee" from Everything Woman

Skoor Sound :: Producer Eric Eagle

Red Queen Music :: TV and Film music representative for Everything Woman & Snow Globe

Marie Skoor :: Artist/ Artwork for Everything Woman & Snow Globe

Bobby Borg :: Consultant

Mack Grout :: Pianist, composer, instructor

Sing Now Voice Lessons Series :: by Kristin Chambers

Azalea Music Group :: Nashville based recording studio, and artist education and services.

Fervor Records :: Film and TV Licensing Label representing "Auld Lang Syne" and  "Silent Night" from Snow Globe

Kristin's Album Snow Globe Wins Best Holiday Album 2015

Kristin's Snow Globe was named the Akademia Awards "Best Holiday Album  of 2015" Here is what they said about it….
"This mesmeric collection of Christmas songs is the perfect gift for the holiday season; Kristin Chambers' enchanting voice is the glittering bow on every exquisite track."

What Kristin's Fans are saying..

"One of the pleasurable discoveries of my stay in the Northwest has been discovering and valuing the fresh and dynamic talent and voices on stage through various performance venues. I find myself drifting in contemplation and thought amidst the live music of Kristin Chambers as her  voice soars and her two band members effortlessly accompanying the subtle and textual harmonies. The language may be easily understandable but it is far from droning simplicity. You sense that Kristin has both something to express and the articulating tools to successfully accomplish her objective. All of the band members are evidently well trained and schooled, but I have never sensed the slightest banality or redundancy in their energy. Every song fresh, every message vital. If one listens to music for more than just spectator amusement, Kristin and her band will remind you how music can uplift and why it is still an important medium. From sound check to curtain call, her performance exceeds whatever the spectator must invest to savor it."
Marques Vickers, Author/Artist