From My Home to Yours

It's hard to believe that it's Fall. This is truly my favorite time of year, where I traditionally take stock and hunker in and recommit to writing and practicing. This year feels very different, in that so much of the Spring and Summer was spent tethered to the house.  With live music on hold, there has been more time to write and really slow down and look around. Recently I wrote a song for the Seattle Bushwick Bookclub inspired by the book How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell. The book inspired this song "Before We Went Inside" Hope you enjoy. Stay Healthy!

Seattle International Airport Feature

New Video and Single

If you are in the Seattle area and can take a moment outside (socially distanced of course), you should check out the hopeful  messaging and art local Seattle artists created to transform the closing of shops and restaurants in the Ballard Neighborhood, into  something more beautiful and hopeful. Kristin recently made this video to honor them and it turned out the be a lovely inspirational backdrop for her new single ''Coming Back (Not Strings)"  to be released on May 1, wherever you listen. Enjoy!


We Are In This Together

The season is turning to Spring, and usually the excitement of warmer longer days, and nature sprouting with life, is hard to contain in Seattle. But this year it feels like just another Winter day as I write this. It has never been more apparent that we are all connected. That we are all here together sharing this planet. I suppose that is good news, but my heart aches for my friends, or anyone that has lost a loved one, a job, or their spirit due to the recent turn of events. I want to help everyone, and yet I can only help a few; by keeping my piano lessons going over FaceTime, checking in with the people I love, sending texts and messages to folks, and the strangest thing- by staying away for others.

I also find myself wanting everyone to get along (I'm a middle kid). And though it's quieter on the street, the sound of discord is like a steady hum, even when the tv and all my devices are powered down. As leaders struggle to figure things out, and everyone is scrambling to keep their footing, I feel so  grateful for every positive spirit working on this frightening situation, from the front lines to unknown volunteer.

As a musician and songwriter, I am so grateful that I can offer you music. I have been writing songs for many years now, and singing my entire life. I am always drawn to write about hope, or at least a glimmer of it.  So here is a playlist of some of my songs on Spotify.

Perhaps you'll find something that makes you feel better, and less isolated, if and when you find yourself in that space in the coming weeks.

I am also on all other streaming services and you can download on this website as well. 

Stay strong and know that there will be a day when it truly feels like Spring again.


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